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Face Paints and Removal Tips:


I ONLY USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PROFESSIONAL FACE PAINTS AND COSMETIC GLITTERS.   Brands I use often are FAB/Superstar,  Kryvaline, DFX, TAG, and Global - these are all FDA approved, non-toxic, professional face paints.


To Remove Face Paint - Wipe away majority of paint with a wet paper towel or wipe and use a mild soap with warm water (I use a dab of dish soap) and gently wipe with a soft face cloth or microfiber cloth.  It's also helpful to use a Q-tip with eye-makeup remover for any stubborn black or dark colour around the eyes.


Staining - Some darker colours can leave a temporary light "staining" on the skin after removal  (especially with some greens and blues).  Being a mom myself, I'm VERY particular on purchasing paints that stain the least amount possible.  People with lighter skin tones or dry skin are more prone to staining.  To avoid this, do not keep face paint on overnight or long periods of time.  Any left over pigmentation should only last up to a few hours.


Of course, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.


Glitter Tattoo Info & Removal Tips:


  • Your Glitter Tattoo is 100% toxic free and safe for the skin.

  • It should last 3 to 7 days. This depends upon your skin type & maintenance.

  • Your glitter tattoo is waterproof but it becomes weak when subjected to prolonged time in water (swimming or taking bath) so after such activities pat dry the area, don't scrub or scratch with towel (friction shortens the lifespan of your tattoo).

  • If you wish to remove your glitter tattoo earlier, soak in water for a few minutes first, then apply baby oil or make-up remover (isopropyl alcohol works too but can be harsher on the skin).  Massage the oil over the glitter tattoo until it breaks down the glue.  Then gently exfoliate/rub with a damp cloth to remove the remainder of the glue and glitter.


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